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summertime wardrobe

this is for graduation next week. Needs some giant gold baubles to match, sandals and a poppin fresh pedicure. Stay tuned lovers.

Beach Bitch

Last month I was spending a lot of time at the beach driving that blazer around on the sand. It was awesome. The season ended so I'm not doing it anymore but it's cool. The worst part was the sunburns. The best part was the burritos. I also found a sea otters skull. That was heavy metal.


Grass Widow!!!!
They're the Best!!!! look How effin cute they are! Me and Kickball Katy were driving around talking about boys and listening to their new album on the way to Vallejo. AAAH! it freaked me out it spoke to my heart so hard. Got some weeeeird cool clothes and the Vivian Girls got tour tattoos of cactuses. I thought about getting something but, like, yeah right. But what a fucking bogusley amazing weekend... The Vivian Girl's set was better than ever, and they got to stay for a few days, I love all of them so fucking much. I also went to Alese's Bday party, played some crazy crazy racket sport game with hula hoops, four balls at once and roller skates. Bro'ed down with cool boyzz from San Mateo, had girl time with Shannon and Katie... then I went to SF and hung out in Banana Zone or whatever the house was called in the excelsior. Stayed up late there with Cassie, Breakfast at boogaloos with my favorite Matthew Momchilover and some cute dude that smiled a lot and had a tattoo of pizza on his arm. Me and Matt started discussing our gothic Disneyland adventure this weekend, and everyone listened to me talk about astrology for like half of breakfast, everyone at the table was so entraced, it was weird. Anyway it ruled and made me feel young again which is a bizarre thing to say, but I keep getting stuck in the donut of circular energy that is the bay area. fuck this bummer place. LA sunshine take me away!

POST 100

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Some Photos of Laid Back Hippies

"punk songs"

Space Jams

this is music for waking up very slowly, after sleeping on the floor with ten of your friends, and making pancakes for them despite your hangover.

This music is for when you're the first person to wake up after a sleepover. The floor you slept on suddenly feels very hard and the sun is very abrasive, so you get up and make everyone pancakes despite your hangover.

which sounds better?

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Lots of wild n' crazy ragin' girls singin bout lowdown and dirty stuff like hartache and makin' it with carnies, give it a listen! lots of exciting energetic summertime bike racing music, along with some seriously mellow stuff thats still 'grind-y'
I think I'm going to include this in the insert-

song suggestions?

"Dance Cheese"

I want to make some mix CDs with themes including one called "Dance Cheese"
a description, if you will:
This is a collection of low- quality songs that make you feel like that girl in the opening scene of that movie where she's getting ready to have a great day...i.e. painting some sassy neon nail polish on her fingernails, dancing in a towel, reviewing outfit options, and walking out the door, but not before kissing her reflection in the mirror, leaving a beautiful frosty pink lipstick mark on the mirror.

"if you love the song "barbie girl" or sheepishly listen to energy 93.7 when you're all alone, get ready to kick your own ass while dancing to this magnificent collection exclusively available to the craft fair 'in crowd'

would anybody like to submit a song for consideration?

Dazzling Taste Brought to you by the Internet

wish of a dream

I'm really into this cover of "I Believe in Miracles(You Sexy Thing)" by Kim Deal, but, bummer of the century, I can't find the damn track any ol place... I've searched blogs and myspace music pages, itunes, limewire, soulseex... I heard it in a youtube video, it's a live recording, I guess someone did it at a show. I want the song so I can put it on some mixtapes... sometimes finding things is just impossible.

how thorough is this girls eye contact??? cooooool

Friday, April 17, 2009

fat is creeping around my thighs. rip it off, rip it off.

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Today is the Greatest

April 10th is the 100th day of the year and my birthday.
I did a google search for naked geoger clooney and this was my gift: Even better. I can tell this birthday will be divine.
hi, my life in th real world is kind of busy. sorry for neglect, but deal with it I guess. where else can you get this primo sludge?
here's a little morsel for you, eat it up:

Andrew W.K: sensitive prince of passionate romance.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A google image search for "we're still freaks" provided this image


plastic love ornery pulse, go just go dog me like soup like vitamin waters rising tide. can't help but collide with my second grade self, can't help but lose it when I hear the crazy bat lady's voice, shutting down, breaking apart, wanting wandering like freaks in the night. to have courage like white rope, to breathe the air and the sand, to participate, to fuck. chinese lanterns red in the hallway, sputtering mouth, you're gliding, reaching airwaves knocking hips into walls hard with a push. forever in carnivals, your tower girl, she sighs with a love song, a rude dream to drink. to love her is to love her is to love her. to think of her is unsatisfying. you want to breed her. to grab her hand and to run with her in the dark. to need. to cry in pain from the wanting, to reformulate, you can never know the palace that goes on inside her head, or the diamond mine of your heart flipping inside out for a stranger. palace of will and fortitude, fortunate girls and long hot summers. your hair has privelege and your mind is sharp and cutting, experience is dull why bother, dad can fix anything. groping for something real in the darkness, looking for sparks, for to enter beaches. for to have something.

Friday, April 3, 2009

I also got a lot of craft materials on my trip. with my shells and craft items I made this necklace, for lack of a better name, it's called "hells o' shells". I'm going to sell this and others at a craft fair at the end of the month.

This necklace is lovingly titled intergalactic flight of wickedness:


I just got back from santa cruz. I collected a lot of shells.