Thursday, May 28, 2009


I hope you never see this blog. stop creeping in my shit. I hate that you know how to use a computer now. I love you but you're killing me inside, mom. please please go away from this website and never come back. this is not a place for you. ERRROR 404 OKAYEEEE?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This is a homemade I-spy arrangement that some people at a kindergarten in france made. The "limbo" tape is my fave.

A memorial day sale at Thrift Town Revealed a crazy sweater

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Saturday, May 23, 2009


I just remembered I loved this show. the main character was such a scrappy little bobblehead. Public enemy number one with the curls. Everybody knew that fucking girl!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"the memphis style"

forever and ever, I've called this "pee wee herman style" never realizing it actually had a name, today morgan told me it was called "memphis style"

Friday, May 15, 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009

HAPY IN LOVE...DaughterGirl and Master of Sex or Something

this is fucking incredible. she's 74 in this video and he's fourty something, and they sing songs about how in love they are in the most perfect outfits the world has ever known. dreams are real.
Musician responisble for "woman your smell makes me well". I was listening to Steve McDonald(Redd Kross)'s radio show... he played a bunch of this dudes jams... holy fuckadoodle doo this guy is a sex FIEND. His songs are full of half climaxes and saucy lyrics... has it been a while since you had a comedy album in your life??? whoa, this guy will blow you away and make you feel stormy inside. uuugghh eee!!!!!!!!

more song titles:
"I am the Master of Love"

"Hard Deep Sex Explosion"
"America: We Are Sexy!"
"The Worst Breath in Town"
"Let's Put our Booties Together"
"(Lady Guess What) I'm Gonna Kiss Your Butt!"

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


okay, thank you god for returning me from Modesto safely. It was fucked up. I planned to go to Santa Rosa today but I feel a little under the weather and the idea of driving any more makes me want to ralph. I wanted to let everyone know that MONDO VISION is fucking cool. It's a video zine all about the bay area punk scene, and it documents it in such a good way. I've felt for a long time that people like us have something strong and weird inside that makes us different, able to combine things and experiences in a way that has never happened before. We seem to be more influenced by our childhoods. Driving through the hills yesterday I was looking at the light and it reminded me of the dreamy scenes in I- Spy books that I got so lost in. My inspiration for everything I make is purely Pee Wee Herman, Lynda Barry comics, I spy Books and the Set Design for Beetlejuice. We're so wrapped up in what it is we make and participate in that we might not even see how much we make history. I've met so many weird interesting people in my life and they all just kind of slip into the voidy soup of my brain, but It doesn't necessarily get spit back out into anything. Mondo Vision is doing it in style. I don't know anything about video editing but I know I like this, and it really does read like a zine, the creator did a fucking great job of translating. I feel like I'm only on the fringe of punk culture but watching this video zine was so exciting, to see so many people I recognized talking about familiar stuff that seems both totally bizarre and totally everyday. What's great is that I have felt so many times like I was involved in something that seemed to have legs, and Mondo Vision validates that, it is excactly what I see. It makes me want to be more involved in documenting this crazy fucked up culture that I'm so attracted to. It was like looking into a mirror for the first time. Thanks Mondo Vision.

Mondo Vision Episode Four from Mondo Vision on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Partying at the Gates of Hell... Bogus Adventures in Modesto

Me and Morgan went to Modesto to thrift and it was so fucking wack. Creepy redfaced fat rusty pig boys whispering fag in our ears flipping us off in a screechy pickup... women with painted faces discussing cigarette price chages at Valero, a town called Salida which I think means exit lies right next door to the town which means "modest". We drove twenty miles to find a hollow aluminum shed full of dusty deals... 49 cents for fucked up clothes that sucked. They gave me a nice seafoam green and denim blue floral bag for my cropped floral cardigan... why did I buy it, cause I wanted a souvenir to prove that the trip wasn't a waste, that the central valley isn't a black hole, that it's an underappreciated gem responsible for the poetry of Joan Didion and my mother, who climbed water towers to watch for enemy war planes in the 1950's when she was in high school, dreaming dairy queen dreams and feeling jealousy toward her sister who found two bucks behind the toilet once. The windmills follow the curves of the hills, spinning fast and ominous, and you feel very small and scared of them, as you are in the darkness of the valley, feeling encircled, almost ganged up on by hoards of mega lacerators. The clouds are black on the top sides and white glowing under belly, and the girls at wal- mart work their magic on you, informing you about one dollar rentals of popular movies, and it seems there is no room in her sentence to tell her you don't live by here or near any wal mart at all... the closest one is near the airport. It seems like a place where you might pick out a new shade of hairdye for some entertainment or get married, or drive a hundred miles an hour on the freeway. If you have ever in your life wondered who is enjoying all of the wonderful antidepressants you hear about, it must be modesto, where people would never think that their lethargy is caused by Carl's junior chicken stars and they don't want to get up in the morning because nothings new, Lady GaGa is still number one on the radio, T.I. is number two, and Kanye is number three, though depending on whose calling in what requests, the trifecta may re-arrange itself throughout the six weeks that the songs reign supreme, but I digress... orchards forever, that make your mind so blank that you are scrolling through a list of fruits and nuts, deciding what kind of tree is repeating itself into such an organized forest along the roads which are disorienting and sometimes deceptive, twenty minute drives toward what you thought was something, abruptly dead ending. Signs tell you depressing things about droughts and deltas. Modesto is the biggest empty that ever was.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Blogging from the road

Nice Hotel in Little Seoul
Pulled over by cops for missing liscense plate
incredibly meat like jackfruit tacos
DISNEYLAND is coming
new black vest freshly sewn in
keiths breath was pressed all flat in sleep paralysis
with much labor, forcing out "WAKE...ME...UP!"
I hit his thing and he snapped out of it
girls and kids doing weird shit for money
I have a black outfit for today
space mountain
food racists
folded clothes
"I'm not crazy"