Thursday, August 13, 2009

ladies, romance has gone out the window

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sunday, July 12, 2009

weekend trip log

Went on a trip to Santa Cruz With Gabe on Saturday. Wandered to an apartment complex he used to live in, went to Pergolesi where some very nice barista corked two bottles of wine for us. had a bottle in the grass by the water. A lackluster peanutbutter cookie, greasy folded in half slices of hawaiian pizza and free beer from the very generous Jorge. Played horse shoes at a barbecue. Saw my best friend from middle school. White chocolate lavendar truffles, a long walk to the park for something that didn't happen, up a spiral ramp across a highway overpass. The heat from the sun making my black pants stick to my skin, saw a blown out bubble in my tire, got a new one on my credit card. dancing to E-40's "sprinkle me" in this kid's immaculate purple black and grey Basquiat themed bedroom. Met some very awesome people. slept in a house with a parrot and went to breakfast at Cafe Brasil, black beans and poached eggs. watched two seconds of Elvira before passing out on a pile of sleeping bags. nothing happened in that order. I brought my camera, which let me take one very nice palm tree picture before shutting off. What a good trip.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

summer poem for the losers in your life

Drive Through Opera Derrive Fun Wild Weirdness of the darkest land, a figure eight of smoke in the sky, a mole on your arm, satisfy sanctify old friends flying the coop, wonders of persian midnight O relly factor factoid facts of life steam burn steam thoughts rough waves ove fighting fidelity insurance on the treadmill two for one juicy soup of soul taco four for a dollar hairties fashion forward nasty women with dirty pits and clamato souls. Pocks on your face, rocks in your socks, healthy hole in the heart, a four figure salary, salami flavor pants pockets of courage. fill in the plankton, eat a burger, fuck a clown. walk a mile, forget your family. talentless. root up and fly forward with the force of power rangers, powdered milk and selective services for me mom and dad. ambivalently flying in a clean cloud, frowning down on the world, dog of night, fire your enemies. make them eat crap and lap up the yogurt of your dreams. dodgy fucks at the supermarket can't bring you down.